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Client Testimonials

Improving performance has been a business necessity since the dawn of industrialization, and this trend has only accelerated with the globalization of markets. Organizations must now continually find new ways to surpass the competition.

The role of Direcsys is therefore to help our clients improve their operational processes and supporting management systems.  Below are a few of our most recent client testimonials explaining some of the benefits they have received with our services.

During a period of 5 months along with 4 of my peers I participated in a Supervisors course put on by DirecSys and delivered by Marc-Andre Alary.

The Supervisors course was 4 hours of classroom and 4 hours of personal coaching every two to three weeks.

This format was different than other courses I have taken but it worked well. The 5 participants from our company spent 4 hours together and we got to know each other a lot better. This in itself was very beneficial to me as we got a look at the day to day work of our coworkers.

It allowed us to ask questions about their work and see what kind of issues they face with the job, and their employees. It was very insightful to me and I feel that I benefitted from this and learned from my coworkers.

The four hours of personal coaching was difficult at first, because you were trying to do your job as you normally do but had someone watching everything you did and asking questions and then offering suggestions. As the coaching went on we modified it to 2 two hour sessions and this seemed to work much better.

Marc-Andre has a lot of knowledge and was very good at explaining the different tools we had talked about in the classroom sessions. I had previously learned or heard about most of the topics but the coaching helped to emphasize the importance of using the tools and making it a habit.

I have been fortunate in having taken many courses over the years but I will say that I got more out of this course because of the coaching and interaction with my coworkers.

I would recommend this course to other Supervisors and Managers.


What we appreciate about Direcsys is the energy they spent to deeply understand the dynamics of our business. Over the past 3 years, Direcsys has been able to provide us with personalized advice and to bring concrete measures for short and medium-term monitoring and follow-up, in order to meet organisational needs according to specific goals. Today, from their professionalism, we reap the benefits from their support and we have an engaged and motivated team that really makes a difference.

When I was told that I’ll be participating in a training session where we will be building paper boat, my first reaction was; I’ll be wasting my time. But, my god I was wrong. This down to earth practical session has helped me to really understand the lean philosophy and what it can do to our process like never before.

Over the past few years BWS manufacturing as attempted to work on and improve the structure of the process they use to produce their products. It was identified that ISO standardisation was necessary to survive in today’s marketplace. BWS decided that it was necessary to find a way to do this in a cost effective fashion.