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Improving business performance and growing successful businesses has been a necessity since the dawn of industrialization, and this trend has only accelerated with the globalization of markets. Organizations must now continually find new ways to surpass the competition.



The best strategists-executors believe

The best strategists believe: If I can’t see and articulate how we’re actually going to make this strategy work, it probably won’t work.  Smart strategists know that there are a lot of gaps, holes, and challenges in their strategies. They tirelessly keep a critical eye on the viability of their plans and stay curious —…


What’s going on at Direcsys in 2020?

“For the first time in the Maritimes, we’re introducing the “least expensive and most underutilized tool for spreading needed change throughout an organization.” We have been providing Business growth coaching as well as Lean Six Sigma certifications for years through training sessions and directly to organizations. To maximize results and to provide the best return…


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Measurable Results:

In a prefabricated home manufacturing plant, working with production employees in implementing some lean concepts on 10 workstations out of 22, the company was able to save $201,000 in its first year.

Manufacturing Plant

After delivering 14 modules and 14 coaching sessions to the supervisory team in a Military Manufacturing environment, they have identified over $1.1 million of improvement opportunities on the production floor that have been integrated into the strategic planning for execution.

Manufacturing Environment
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