Over the past few years BWS manufacturing as attempted to work on and improve the structure of the process they use to produce their products. It was identified that ISO standardisation was necessary to survive in today’s marketplace. BWS decided that it was necessary to find a way to do this in a cost effective fashion.

Negotiations with Direcsys and BWS took place in the late summer of 2013 and the ISO implementation process had begun. Personally I have found Direcsys very well informed on the policies and procedures around ISO 9001 2008. DirecSys staff is very friendly and have a very unique style of getting the message across. I can always rely on the team at Direcsys to answer any question I may encounter.

DirecSys aided us in the change management portion of this as well. I cannot forget the talent that was demonstrated in the aid given in the development of the working forms used today at the facility. Our DirecSys expert is a very talented public speaker and was very helpful in guiding us through Kaizen events that gave direct impacts on our bottom line. BWS is measuring the effectiveness of the ISO program and we are already trending tremendous results. The impact of the work done has been more than fantastic! I look forward to continue building a stronger relationship with the team at Direcsys.