Leaders Table:

The Leaders Table is a monthly round table for business leaders and public organizations to identify and discuss issues relevant to their immediate needs. This is an opportunity to enjoy the knowledge of your peers who represent several hundred years of experience.


  • Leadership development
  • Expand your network
  • Collective Learning

What you get:

  • Timely advice and brutal honesty

Concrete results:

  • Obtain advice from leaders with experience.

Other benefits:

  • Develop authentic and sustainable relationships;
  • Reduce tensions at work;
  • Find new approaches to achieving a better balance between your professional and private life;
  • Inspire collective ideas from the group;
  • Discover that you are not alone.


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Measurable Results:

  • After delivering 14 modules and 14 coaching sessions to the supervisory team in a Military Manufacturing environment, they have identified over $1.1 million of improvement opportunities on the production floor that have been integrated into the strategic planning for execution.

    Manufacturing Environment
  • In a prefabricated home manufacturing plant, working with production employees in implementing some lean concepts on 10 workstations out of 22, the company was able to save $201,000 in its first year.

    Manufacturing Plant