Improving business performance and growing successful businesses has been a necessity since the dawn of industrialization, and this trend has only accelerated with the globalization of markets. Organizations must now continually find new ways to surpass the competition.

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What’s going on at Direcsys in 2020?

“For the first time in the Maritimes, we’re introducing the “least expensive and most underutilized tool for spreading needed change throughout an organization.” We have been providing Business growth coaching as well as Lean Six Sigma certifications for years through training sessions and directly to organizations. To maximize results and to provide the best return…


I just fired my accountants

They really hadn’t done anything wrong. They were responsive when I called. They appeared to keep up with the latest information in their profession. Their work was neat, accurate and timely. Their prices were fair. They conducted themselves professionally.  But I fired them anyway. Here’s why; While they consistently reacted professionally, they never, ever pro-acted. They never came to me…


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