Improving business performance and growing successful businesses has been a necessity since the dawn of industrialization, and this trend has only accelerated with the globalization of markets. Organizations must now continually find new ways to surpass the competition.

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The Healthiest Organizations Win

Patrick Lencioni on “Organization Health”. In this clip, Pat will take you through the model and describe the four disciplines required to create a healthy organization. A healthy organization, as Lencioni defined in his book, The Advantage, is one that maintains a cohesive leadership team, establishes clarity about what it stands for, communicates that clarity repetitively, and puts in place processes and…


Do you have the choice not to do it?

Here are some quotes which I’ve read over the past few months. Everything rises and falls on Leadership (John Maxwell) So goes the leader, as goes the culture. So goes the culture, so goes the company. (Simon Sinek) In most organizations, the bottleneck is at the top. (Peter Drucker) How to update theses statements to…


What Are The 10 Rockefeller Habits?

How to Implement the Rockefeller Habits? While the habits are listed in no particular order and you can start with whichever you want, we give our clients one rule —they must start with Rockefeller Habit #1: The executive team is healthy and aligned. It is near impossible to implement any of the other habits without checking…


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