Improving business performance and growing successful businesses has been a necessity since the dawn of industrialization, and this trend has only accelerated with the globalization of markets. Organizations must now continually find new ways to surpass the competition.

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Earn the right to…

Why delay making a decision when everyone knows that the chances of success are virtually nil? During a meeting with one of our clients, we discussed the existing behaviors belonging to their director of operations, behaviors we deemed detrimental to the success of the company. Let’ s go back a little in order to understand…


Event – MPO Talent – June 4th

Come and discover the MPO Talent solution – a tool that allows you to identify and develop your employee’s talents. Why should you attend this session? Marc-André from DirecSys explains: Watch this video to learn more about the new solutions provided by the MPO program! Téléchargez un exemple du rapport MPO Talent This session is…


I am tired of trying!

This is the comment we received from an entrepreneur during a discussion with respect to hiring internal candidates in order to fill a critical position. Critical, because it is a management position. albeit a production supervisor. Furthermore, he is the one handling the function in the meantime, which is not only taxing but forces him…


Why do we fear managing people?

Over the past 18 years, my career has allowed me to work with managers of different levels. From foremen/supervisors to managers and corporate leaders. I am always shocked, still today, to ascertain with sadness some behaviors by these individuals that go against the basis of Human Resources management. These behaviors are amplified by ideas and…


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