Do you have a job opening but can’t find anyone with the right skill set?  Do you lack time to ensure the proper integration of new employees?  Do you have staff retiring soon and want to train the next generation of competent employees for your business?

Contact us so we can help find the right MATCH for you!

The advantages

  1. DirecSys provides a collaborative effort in the development of an integration plan for the employee.
  2. DirecSys can prepare teh employee to use the tools required for management in a practical manner:
    • Technical
      • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)
    • Human Resources

      • MPO Analyst
    • Management
      • Project management, ISO, financial analysis, supervisor training (PODEC), problem-solving
    • Leadership
      • Coaching
  3. An expert from DirecSys is assigned as mentor to the candidate for ongoing monitoring.
  4. The process allows the employee the opportunity to take part in the implementation of real projects from within the business  Not only will your organization directly benefit from this, but the employee will also be able to contribute his or her own skills, specifically adapted to your workplace.

Measurable Results:

  • After delivering 14 modules and 14 coaching sessions to the supervisory team in a Military Manufacturing environment, they have identified over $1.1 million of improvement opportunities on the production floor that have been integrated into the strategic planning for execution.

    Manufacturing Environment
  • In a prefabricated home manufacturing plant, working with production employees in implementing some lean concepts on 10 workstations out of 22, the company was able to save $201,000 in its first year.

    Manufacturing Plant