Our Solutions

All organizations, whether Small & Medium Businesses, Governmental or Manufacturing, must ensure that their operation incorporates both the synergy of a team and production processes adapted to the competition in the marketplace, ever maintaining the ability to resolve any problems that arise in record time. This requires the expertise of a professional from DirecSys, to help you effectively identify opportunities for improvement, any weaknesses, to rectify certain situations and to therefore maintain the trust of your clientele.


As a trusted partner to many Canadian organizations, DirecSys offers a series of strategies that will make a positive impact on the people, process and profitability of your company. We offer and facilitate programs in areas such as Scaling Up  Business Growth, Leadership Development, Lean Manufacturing/Management, Human Behaviour Management, HR Management, etc. We guarantee that every program will be personalized to your specific needs and deliver results. For more on our training programs, please review the list below.


Open Office Hours

If you need help or advice on a specific subject, take advantage of this service.  Multiple one-hour sessions available every week on multiple subjects.


  • Mondays from 9am to 10am – Lean Six Sigma     Register
  • Mondays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm – Scaling Up Register
  • Wednesdays from 10am to 11am – Continuous Improvement / Standards (ISO, BRC, … ) / Procedures/KPIs     Register
  • Thursdays from noon to 1pm – Leadership/Management    Register

Join us simply to ask for help or advice or stay for the whole hour and join in different discussions.

Session language will be adjusted according to participants (French, English or bilingual)